Microsoft announced today, the ability for Admins to create policies that automatically end Meetings early, or start them late. This is help with encouraging users to have small breaks between meetings to help with productivity, especially during the pandemic with most users now working remotely and there is no opportunity to have a natter at the coffee machine. Users were finding that their calendars were being filled with back-to-back meetings, with little time to take a comfort break.

This feature has been available to end users to configure since last summer, but the recent change announced today, allows Admins to create tenant-wide policies that make it easier to carve out these breaks.

The announcement article can be found here

In Action

This works perfectly fine, and when creating Meetings in Outlook for Windows, or Outlook on the Web

But what about Teams Meetings?

Well as long as you schedule that Meeting through the Outlook interface, then you are OK;

And in the Outlook for Windows client, still all OK


However, if you use the Teams client to create your Meetings, then the meeting lengths is not shortened.

I hope that Microsoft will fix this at some point so that users who want to automatically shorten their meetings can have this feature enabled for meetings that are created within the Teams clients.